Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We've Been Gone Toooooooo Long !

Dear friends and family, it's been so long since our last post that I hardly know where to begin!  But I was reminded today of how very much my family and I appreciate you all and I had to find time to let you know. 
Our summer has been incredibly busy and has included computer crashes, broken milk fridges and meat freezers, flat tires, farm tours, family gatherings, broken hay machines, fencing, newly born piglets and rabbits, sweet guests, new meat chickens and layers, processing, ongoing work on a farm website, and wonderful but busy days here on Leegacy Family Farm. And that is why we haven't posted all summer long.:(  
But a friend phoned us yesterday and wanted to know the EXACT location of our new home.  We haven't seen him since leaving Alabama and he was going to be flying nearby and thought he could fly over and say hello from the sky!  This young friend and his wife have sent us flowers on both anniversaries of the tornado and Tom's home-going.  They, along with his parents and extended family have been a great blessing to us.  And SO HAVE YOU.  He asked us to be ready at around 5:30 this evening.  I was taking a short nap upstairs and was suddenly awakened by a very loud noise. I remembered that Bruce would be flying over, bolted out of bed, ran to the balcony, and noticed that the others had already gathered outside and some were at various locations on the farm and preparing to milk..  His helicopter kept circling overhead and then hovered over the front field.  We could see arms waving and it was all very exciting.  And close.  And sweet.  And even the chickens were excited. And memories flooded our minds of the kindnesses shown these past two years and of the many prayers lifted up on our behalf.   And I just had to write and let you know how very grateful we still are.
Before Bruce flew over, I was trying to explain to my nine year old Melanie just exactly which Bruce I was referring to.  When I mentioned the flowers he sends on Tom's home-going anniversary and described his wife, parents, brother and sisters, she knew exactly who I was speaking of.  But she misunderstood which anniversary and thought that today must be the anniversary of the day Tom and I married.  She quickly ran outside and gathered a vase of flowers.  She then ran upstairs and came back with a wedding picture of me and Tom.  She set her late Mamaw Lee's gold colored eating utensils next to my dinner plate.
I was puzzled as to what she was doing until she wished me a happy anniversary and apologized for not planning a *real* party.  I then realized the misunderstanding.  Her gestures were so sweet.  And my heart was full of gratefulness.  For family.  For friends.  For you.  I hope you are all well, and I hope we'll be able to post more often.  The old pictures above are of our Tom, one of his sweet sisters, and *Old Blue*.  The truck.  The photo's were provided by another of my sweet sisters-in-law.                                                                               Blessings,  Sherry