Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Week On Leegacy Family Farm ~ January 31, 2015

This week on Leegacy Family Farm has been sweet in more ways than one.  It's been very productive, collecting sap and cooking maple syrup has begun, I've very much enjoyed spending time with my precious family and some friends, and I've loved posting again and hearing from many of you!
I've realized of late that if we do not get around to posting anything, it's rather difficult for my family and I to keep track of what's gone on around here and on the farm.  So it's SO good to be back.
A temporary sugar shack was put up last week using an old shed that had been taken down on the farm.  Josh would someday like to build a timber frame sugar shack but that project will have to wait until later.  This one was re-purposed and therefor free!
My sons and daughters have been taking turns watching the sap and feeding the fire.
We still love the ducks.  They travel up and down the farm together, they live off the land, and they lay eggs - even in winter.  But I think our favorite thing about having them, besides watching them, is that they eat a LOT of ticks.  We never see ticks in the yard anymore.:)  And we don't miss them (the ticks).
We just never know what's going to make its way into the house anymore.  Some of us left the other day to pick up an accident report since we were hit by a truck last week while taking a steer and some pigs to the processors.  Thankfully my sons and those who were with them weren't hurt, the other driver who didn't realize he'd come into their lane wasn't hurt, and the animals still made it to the processors (in a different truck and trailer).  But when we got home from picking up the report, a tomato box was sitting in front of the fire.  Closer inspection revealed a cute little occupant.  There's a picture of him further down in this post!
There's also been a whole lot of reading going on.  We're so excited to have begun a unit study about pioneer days and early America.  This study fits perfectly with some of the projects going on here this winter and we're all having a wonderful old time.
And speaking of projects going on around here, can you guess what that is?  It's pretty early Americana, Jacob is heading it up, and I'm so exited about it.  More later.:)
And above is a picture of the occupant found in the tomato box.  He was just a day old and rolled down the hill away from his mother and was almost frozen.  He was put in the box, brought in to warm by the fire, and now he's doing just fine.  
Abi has a job with perks.  She gets to read a book and enjoy the warmth of the wood cook stove while tending some maple syrup cooking off in the house.
We said goodbye to our ram since it was time to get another one.  Thankfully the one above sold and we were able to use the funds to purchase his replacement.
Mallory's family has been visiting this weekend and helping with various farm projects and it just seemed right to have pancakes for supper since they've been tending  maple syrup today ~ a perfect topping for hot buttered pancakes.:)

Bethany cooked up a blueberry syrup to serve over the pancakes and an Amish Casserole and some grits, and Tiffiny kept the coffee coming.

Yes, it's definitely been sweet around here in more ways than one this week on Leegacy Family Farm.  Maple syrup is sweet and hard to beat, but being with family and those the Lord sends our way is even sweeter, and I can't help but notice while looking at pictures that the time is passing ever so quickly and the children are growing faster than the weeds.

Oh how I want to savor the moments.  And thank God for His many many blessings.  Blessings on you and yours...have a wonderful evening. ~ Sherry ~

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2014 ~ A Year Of Many Blessings

Whew!  2014 certainly flew by and there hasn't been a post since April!  I just can't believe the whole year passed so quickly.
But after Jordan proposed and Mallory said yes, life took a really fast turn as we all worked on restoring the old farmhouse to get it ready, worked on the usual farm chore type activities, and prepared for a wedding!
And what a joy it was to work together as a family, with Mallory's family, and with the many friends who helped with restoring the farmhouse and getting it ready for them. 
More on the restoration of the house in a later post as many of you have been kind to ask about it.  And also the wedding.  Hope to post more about that later.
Above is a picture of the old house, and Jordan and Mallory are the best neighbors EVER!
And many thanks to those of you who've written to check on us and see how we're means so much, and I'm grateful to the Lord for the gift of friends.
We did fit in participation in an annual farm tour and that was lots of fun.
And we had quite a bit of flooding just before and after planting season.  In fact, one garden area was ruined twice and we planted corn for the wedding three times!  It was to be used to create sort of an aisle for the bride to walk down.  But we had some very dear and creative folks who came up with a different idea for the corn and all went well.  And although we didn't can as much as usual, our raised beds didn't flood and we had vegetables and tomatoes well into the fall.:)
Above is Johnathon preparing to cut hay and we didn't have to purchase any in 2014 for our animals.  What a blessing that was!
And our meat birds grew nicely and filled the freezer till next season.
We've been working a lot more with my youngest three daughters and have increased their cooking responsibilities.  They especially enjoyed learning more about bread baking and continue to practice their skills. 

And they always have plenty of eager and willing taste testers.:)
2014 was a very eventful year for our family and full of change.  And while I couldn't imagine what it was going to be like to enter a new stage in life; that of having my very first daughter-in-love and my first son and child to be married, I must say that the Lord has been gracious and my heart is full and overflowing with joy!  And for those of you who've asked, the newlyweds are doing great, are settling nicely in their new/old home, and are such a joy to have as neighbors. 
And I do hope that each of you and your families are well.  And may the Lord bless you ~ Sherry