Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday !

God Bless Jordan and Joshua !

Today we celebrated the birth of Jordan and Joshua. They were born on the same date, but Josh was born eight years later and was Jordan's first brother.

We stuck Jordan with three names because we thought he would be our last child and our only son...hehehe! There's definitely a story behind that statement, but we'll save it for another time:)

Joshua was born eight years later on Jordan's eighth birthday, and Jordan was absolutely thrilled to have his first brother, and he considered him to be his very own special birthday present. Also, Joshua was born at home, and I remember seeing a picture of Jordan trying to look through the key hole to see whether he had a new brother or sister. My dear friend who helped us when we birthed at home caught on camera his look of excitement after hearing the good news. His expression was priceless.

We went out for lunch today and then did a little shopping at the bookstore and at Academy. They wanted to replace their exercise equipment, and they did. Tom always met us for lunch on each child's birthday, and we're going to try and continue family traditions as much as possible. Later in the evening, we had a special meal with the family. The birthday person chooses the meal on his/her special day.

They are definitely their father's sons and are such a blessing to me and to the rest of the family.

Jordan and Joshua, God bless you today and always. I'm a very blessed woman, and I am grateful to the Lord for giving me such fine sons. May you walk with Him all the days of your lives, by His grace, and for His glory. Amen.




  1. I hope y'all had a good day! Happy Birthday to them! We are still praying for your family.

  2. Oh Sweet Day!

  3. Isn't God good.... causes for rejoicing amongst the sadness. Praying, and wishing God's blessing to rest on the boys as on the rest of you :)

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday to your sons! We still continue to hold your family close in prayers.
    Blessings, Niece

  5. Praying for yoru family. So how many children do you have and what ages? Comment on my blog. We always pick our birthday meal unless it comes from another country and my mother wants to surprise us with a meal that matches our theme.

  6. What a special birthday gift for your son - a brother! That is so neat!

    Praying for your family.


  7. Sweet memories..our children's births...these are memories that time and circumstances just can't destroy.They are always so etched in these momma's heads!!
    What a special blessing to have these boys born on the same day.I wonder if any of their children will born on that

    I am adopted..I know no one else with my day.When I met my 1/2 sister 4 years ago..her youngest daughter a Kim (My second oldest is also a Kim) was born on my birthday.She had celebrated that day for 21 years not knowing she had a sister who was also born on that

    I am glad you are going to keep the traditions going.So many stop the traditions..I think it such a shame.I have told my clan...if anything happens to me..for the girls to please keep the little traditions going for their children to see how Nana would of done things. I have come close to death twice now..and it makes you re-think things heavily!!
    Your boys are handsome and such a reminder of that sweet husband.May God hold you this week!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  8. Happy Birthday Boys from all of the Brodocks!!!

    Sherry, I enjoy reading your wisdom and am blessed to sit at your feet and learn.


  9. Happy Birthday Jordan and Joshua (a day late)... blessings indeed!!!

  10. Jordan and Joshua...

    Happy (belated) Birthday from the Ferrill clan! May the joy of the Lord be your strength in the coming days.

  11. Happy Birthday to your precious boys. I'd love to hear that story of how the Lord changed your heart towards more children some time - He's certainly done that with us as well.
    I hope they had a wonderful celebration

  12. Wow, what a testimony from a Mother about her sons. May the Lord grant me to say the same one day, very soon.
    Happy birthday Jordan and Joshua!