Monday, April 15, 2013

A Spring Day on Leegacy Farm

saturday was a beautiful day here on leegacy farm, and duck duck was often seen traveling with her new friend
we all worked mostly outside and on various projects and enjoyed soaking in the warm spring sunshine and the gentle breezes
lots of clean up work was accomplished and we enjoyed our first spring outdoor lunch 
it was very nice outside and rather warm, but little man chose a sweat shirt to cover the sunburn from the day before
we cooked on the grill brought by grandmother and lingered long at the table
some really enjoyed their leisure and lunch after plowing a field with the horses ~ others cut grass and used the weed eater
kitty was very happy to see us leave our leisurely lunch and she devoured any leftovers
some worked on wood working projects
and some old roots were dug up 
and flowers were planted
taking a break in the sand pile
some additional raised bed boxes were built and plants moved out of the hoop house
the large rocks had been used while cooking maple syrup (to make a circle for the fire) and are now being used for a rock wall
lots of spring water in the little pond since we've had an abundance of rain lately
clothes drying and taking on a spring fresh smell
planting or gathering herbs
 crocheting dishcloths
As Eric Sloane would say, "Happy doing!"


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I can only imagine living in a place like that! Im a new follower, what is the cabin used for?It looks so cute.Has your house been passed down thru the family?It looks really pretty ,I loved the looks of the front porch with the American flag.We are an Army family so I appreciate seeing the beautiful flag flying,thanks.I always look forward to reading and seeing your blogs!May God bless your family.

  2. Ohhh. Y'all have such a lovely place! It looks so neat and orderly. I love all the farmy decor. So cute! Happy spring!;)

  3. I love the house outside the house, I'm curious though, what are the wash pans that hang on the outside of the house for?.....My garden boxes are ready and Ill be planting peas and cabbage this week. The girls and I have been crocheting dish clothes too......they are for mothers day gifts :o) Blessings, my dad and brother both started chemo, my brother is really fighting pain. Thank you for you prayers, I think of your family often and have even wished me and the girls could could have friends like you.

  4. Susan,

    So good to hear from you and to hear an update on your brother. And your dad is having chemo, too? Oh, we'll be praying. And I'm so sorry your brother is having so much pain. How was your visit?

    And the girls are crocheting surprises:O) Do they love to do all sorts of crafts? Emily is teaching the two youngest girls to crochet and they love it.

    Peas and cabbage sound good...I think your weather is probably a little colder still??

    You asked about the wash tubs hanging on the side of the house...just silly me. Around where I live, people kind of decorate that way. But really, at least I know where they are and can find them when I need them:) They're good for gatherings and to fill with lots of ice and bottled water and such. Or, we fill the smaller one with soapy water when washing a vehicle.

    Oh my! your last comment is so sweet. And we think of you and your girls, too. And often. And may God bless you as you continue to minister to those in your family.



  5. Sherry, yes, my dad too. Not really sure of God's timing but I am resting in the fact that I know that His timing is always perfect.

    I used to crochet years ago but could not really remember everything so I bought a book and have been teaching the girls (and myself)to crochet. It started out them having a need for something to do with their hands with all the read-alouds we have from our Sonlight curriculum. The were getting a bit board with all the listening and and one day the thought just popped into my head "teach them to crochet".
    It has worked quit well and they both have taken to it but Paris the youngest struggles with hers being too tight....It will come. I found a free pattern on pintrest for the dishcloths and thought they would make a great first project. Before them we have just been doing samplers to learn the different stiches and tention.

    I like the pans and that is a great idea to use them for ice or to wash a car....I might just have to get me one.

    Yes we are a bit colder, it snowed here today :o)
    I wish I could move out to your neck of the woods, Id buy a ranch down the street and come over for coffee :o) you have no idea how much Id love that, all my neighbors are Mormons and although they are very nice people, we do not share the same spirit. Fellowship is very difficult and shallow friendships are very hard for me. I never had a sister but I do have a wonderful mother who is such a blessing to me.

    Thank you for praying for my dad and brother and thank you Sherry, for the friendship!

  6. Y'all never cease to inspire us with all of your hard work.

    So glad that Spring has sprung in Tennessee!

    Looking forward to the next time we get to see y'all.

    In Him,

  7. Lee family,

    I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I miss you all and am thinking and praying for you this week-end. Y'all are such a precious family!

    Joyfully His,

  8. Oh how we miss the Lee's! We havent seen yall in too long! As always you inspire me with your beautiful farm, Im always getting ideas! :) We love yall and hope to see yall soon.

    the Boltons