Saturday, September 7, 2013

This Week On Leegacy Family Farm - 9/7/13

  Life on Leegacy Family Farm has been busy this week, and we've been countin' our blessings.  What with the beautiful weather we've been having, we've found it difficult to stay inside for very long!
And with dreams of having a real working farm, we continue to try and get the old farm spruced up, fencing added, barns repaired, systems and spaces organized, and various other things.  This week we decided to pressure wash the house and one thing led to another.  Once the house was clean, it seemed logical that the porches should be repainted. 
Which is why all the rocking chairs are sitting in the front yard.
But once the work was done and the rockers put back in their places, we were very pleased with the results and ready to rest for a spell.  And cool off at the creek.  And admire the beautiful blue skies.
The painting continued on the side porch, and I love the light grey paint.  It actually looks blue to me.  And I do love blue.  My husband used to say that I'd probably paint the green grass blue.  If I could.:)  But green is also beautiful. :)
And since the porch was fresh and clean, the canning jars in the windows had to be washed, right?  Right!  Abi did think to turn them upside down instead of right side up.  Hopefully they won't get as dusty and be as hard to wash before canning.
And a friend of our family has provided a wonderful work opportunity.  He needs small trees for a project, and we have lots of little trees needing to be thinned out.
The three oldest fellas continue to milk in the mornings and evenings, build off-the-farm, and then come home and work in the evenings.  They are preparing a pole barn for this years hay and some traveled to Alabama for the day to help my dad (Papa) on some projects he can't so easily do anymore.
We continue to enjoy the ocra this year.  Yum!  And we continue to experiment with just how many vegetable plants we need to grow to feed our family and have some extra.  Always lots to learn around here!
And the girls have been canning apple pectin, apple butter, and LOTS of the last of the tomatoes for this year.  And preparing a fall garden.
Saving to buy a little piglet.  Like Farmer Boy.
Bethany's been canning and sewing.  And canning some more.
Re-stocking the pantry with this years bounty.  We are thankful!
If the grandparents are reading, I'll have to post later about their little job!
The jars on the left are green tomatoes.  The West Ladies gave us the recipe and it's also in their cookbook.  Do you have a copy?  If not, you can purchase directly from them on their Homestead Blessings website!  Won't those be delicious this winter?  Reminders of summer time fried green tomatoes.
This week has also included good food (chickens turned out extra tasty this year),  good fellowship with new friends and old,  and trips to the creek to cool off and celebrate the completion of a days work and blessings.
Tiffiny (and others) keep the good bread coming.  And Emi stays busy making the butter for this large crew.:)
And now it's time to wrap up another week and prepare for the best day of all.  Sunday!  From our home to yours, hope you have a VERY blessed weekend.

While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, night and day, shall not cease.   Genesis 8:22


  1. So happy to enjoy reading your blog again! I LOVE your farmhouse , I can sit and dream looking at your photos! May Gods blessings be with your family and you all also have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Your photos just warm my heart. What a full and blessed life you have with those precious children! We are just now starting to harvest tomatoes. I will have to look into the green tomato recipe :).

    Hope you had a wonderful Sunday.


  3. Wow Y'all do so much!! Definitely inspiring!

    Blessings to you all,
    Amy Jo

  4. It is lovely to see this update! I always enjoy your posts! I also love blue, but tend to prefer green paint :) So maybe you could paint the sky & I can paint the grass :) Your home is so warm & welcoming! Thanks for posting!

  5. warmly and lovely home and your blog. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Simplyfarmhouse,

    Nice to *meet* you, and I thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. And by the way, I love the name of your blog. Hope you have a blessed day.