Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Chicken Concern! relate to; be connected with; be of interest or importance to; affect.

We raise the poultry consumed by our family using the Joel Salatin method as outlined in his book, Pastured Poultry Profits. The chickens are raised on pasture in movable fencing and follow our cows which are also in movable fencing. We've used the *chicken tractor* pens, but recently our seventeen year old son decided to build a movable house on wheels which he named *The Chicken Concern*. It is thus named because of a BBC Production we watched called Victorian Farm. The three *stars* of the show, Ruth, Alex, and Peter move to a Victorian Farm for a year and farm and live using only the methods and tools of that particular time period. They purchase chickens for their farm and call their enterprise *The Chicken Concern*! The *girls* lay their eggs in the *concerns* boxes, and at night they go inside to roost on poles and to be protected from predators.

Joshua built the house using more of the free lumber spoken of in an earlier post,and we already had the screws, nails, and tin needed for the project.
The wood is from the free shipping pallets my husband and sons pick up once a month from a mattress company. Many of these aren't the short pallets. Some are 8 feet long:)
The wheels and axles were found on Craig's List and had to be purchased.
A brother and sister lend a helping hand:)
Dad came out to help finish things up:)

The house is moved every other day along with the movable fencing, and our children are capable of pushing it around. It can also be pulled with the 4 wheeler or the horses.
The *girls* seem to like their new home.
Their eggs can be retrieved without having to go inside the *concern*.

It has plenty of laying boxes!
We have an ever growing supply of the free lumber. So far they have built a corn crib, *homestead* play houses, window boxes, and the little ones have built fences around their forts, tools for their play, and more than I can remember at the moment!

The chickens seem to be quite happy and protected in their new *mobile* home, and we are thankful!



  1. Looks great! How cool that you made it with used pallets!!

  2. Wow. I'm so impressed. You've got some talented builders around your homestead!

  3. My husband built a similar *concern* (love that term!) out of free metal sheets he brought home from finished iron worker projects. It works great and the chickens love it!

  4. We just found the Victorian Farm at our library! My family just watched Frontier House and were "inspired" by some of the old farming methods. I love that you used pallets! Very nice.

  5. This is so great!! All those eggs...I think the chickens are quite happy!

  6. Kim, Nancy,Tonya, and Carolyn,

    Thanks so much for visiting our blog and leaving a comment!
    We're so happy to have the pallets AND the willing builders. I love it when something new can be made out of something old that would have been thrown away.
    Nancy, I love that you were able to have a *concern* made out of free metal sheets:) And we also *love that term*, especially when spoken with a British accent!
    Kim, I'll have to look for Frontier House. We love Victorian Farm, and they also have Edwardian Farm, The Victorian Pharmacy, and Tales from the Green Valley, The last one is about farm life during the age of the Stuarts.



  7. Michelle,

    Thanks! They are laying lots of eggs these days. My daughter is collecting some of them for the incubator:) Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. I don't think I can say how much I love this post! Thank you for sharing it on the Barn Hop today!!!

  9. I just discovered you today, and am loving what I've read so far. Do you have any tips for taking pallets apart? My husband gets them free from time to time, but when we try to pry the pieces apart, the wood often splits until It's hardly usable. This seems like such a waste, I'd love to be able to make full use of the wood!

  10. Hello Lees!

    The new chicken house looks really amazing! What a blessing to have been given all of that lumber. I'm sure you certainly do have some kinda HAPPY chickens. ;)

    God bless,
    Mallory W

  11. I love your blog, you seem like a wonderful family!...I love that your kids are doing constructive projects together, that is wonderful....I'm going to show this *concern* to my husband. We were just talking today about how we are needing to contain our chickens. They run all over and love their freedom however the isle in my horse barn is concrete and I don't like all the chicken mess on the concrete floor that I have to walk in when I lead my horses in and out of the barn. I also worry about the dust when I sweep the isle after I clean the stalls.
    Thanks for posting

  12. Michelle,

    Nice to meet you! I asked my husband and sons about how they take the pallets apart. They use a crow bar and hammer, and Jacob says the more weathered pallets break more easily. The broken ones are given to the little ones for various projects, and the less weathered ones are taken apart first, stacked, and covered. The younger children remove the nails and save them for using later on. Hope that helps:) Blessings!

  13. Wonderful! Good tips to be used if we ever get chickens. My mother and I have wanted some for years. Thanks for coming by. You can follow me.

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  15. I love the ingenuity here! Our Hen House was built from reclaimed materials too!
    If you visit my blog, look for The Cottage Hens post... you can read all about it... I love that yours in on wheels!

  16. What a wonderful have some very talented builders!! I just love your blog and have been so blessed reading through it this afternoon! I am so glad you left a comment and that I found you:).

    Your newest follower,


  17. Hi I just stumbled on your blog it is wonderful. We are hoping to add chickens to our want to be homestead this year. This post is very inspiring. I am following your blog as I don't want to miss out on other good ideas :D Blessings!! Feel free to stop by my blog,

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