Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Little Homestead In The Valley

Our six youngest children have been very busy for the past several months building little *homesteads* all over the place out of lumber my husband and sons have been getting for free. They pick up a load about once a month at a mattress warehouse, bring it home, take it apart, and stack it for future use. These pallets aren't the short ones I was familiar with. Most of them are eight feet long!

I began to notice that the younger children were finishing their school assignments and chores as quickly as possible and scurrying away to work on a project. I heard hammering up in the front field but didn't know exactly what was going on.
Finally they begged me to come and see what they had been working on so diligently, and I was delighted and amazed!
Only problem with their project was the fact that it had been built right next to the bee hives in a clump of trees:) Hubby didn't think that was a very good idea, so they had to have help from the older ones to get their home moved to a safer location.
The boys put the house on Jordan's horse sled, attached it to the truck, and pulled it to its new location in the woods right behind the picket fence.

Melanie is busy getting things put away properly!
Oh, I forgot to mention that this house initially belonged to Hannah Joy, our twelve year old. She started it and Jeremiah joined her. Later on I learned that it had become Johnathon's home. When I asked them why, they explained to me that they wanted to build a new, bigger, taller home for themselves. Daddy had told them that they could only have one house each so they gave the first one away. Johnathon is helping them with their new one.
Melanie relaxing on the front porch among the lovely flowers.
Can you see the little roof right behind the picket fence and the lattice?
Hubby and Jacob have also been replacing our old window boxes with the free lumber. Haven't had a chance to paint them yet.

The picture below is of little Miss Libby. She's been very involved in all the goings-on, but I didn't have her in any of the pictures:(

~The Little Homestead In The Valley~ is now~ The Little Homestead In the Woods~

The fellas have built a number of large projects using the free lumber. I hope to have pictures and a post very soon! Blessings! Sherry

Update: I've been informed that Johnathon's house is no longer a home. It is now a blacksmith shop. Is that a valid excuse for getting to build a new house?


  1. This is just about the cutest little house ever! Looks like it was built for the tiniest of toddlers! What awesome projects for your children, and what a blessing to have all that lumber for free!

  2. What a beautiful blog you have here.

    I love the little house. I remember building a tree house when I was a child (my dad was a capenter and always had scraps of lumber around). He built us our "Wendy" house. It was a big hit with all the neighbourhood children!

    Sharon @

    P.S Thanks for the visit :)

  3. Love your blog! The house is cute. I found you becasue you like the civil war. Check me out.