Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Weekend Of Fun And Work On An Off-Grid Homestead !

Recently we spent the weekend with our dear friends in Tennessee. We learn SO much when we are with them, and our families have a wonderful time working together. They've lived off-grid for many many years, and they know so much about so many things.

I love their chalkboard door and the way they post a list of chores to be done while we're there! They have a post for the big folks and a post for the not-so-big folks!
Mending fences and building a new gate was on the to-do list:)
Don't they look happy? Well, maybe they won't be able to escape and eat the garden vegetables!

They have a lovely creek for keeping their milk and food cold, and our little ones ALWAYS end up in there NO MATTER the temperature:)
Mending fences. Is he hiding behind that post?
Always looking for pretty rocks and arrowheads. They especially love these work weekends 'cause it means they get to be outside just about the whole time, and mom and dad are out there with them.
The little ones kept arriving at the door with a new bouquet of flowers to be put in water. Here a daughter is receiving yet another one:)
They have some very nice starter plants thriving in that hoop house. He looks very happy!

The girls are taking good care of the chickens and I think they made some repairs on the pen.
Don't you just love their washroom?!!

Their wood stove kept us warm and fed. It was an unusually chilly weekend, and the wood felt and smelled SO good:) Do you see their little box of chicks next to the stove?
These girls stayed busy in the kitchen cooking for a crowd!
Another pretty bouquet picked by the little ones.
Peeling potatoes for the gigantic pan of potato salad they made to go with the yummy venison sloppy joes which were served on homemade slabs of whole wheat bread.

Aren't these cinnamon rolls beautiful:) They were super yummy!
Scrambled eggs fresh from the hen house.
Lots of talking going on!

Love the summer kitchen.

Their pretty cat had kittens a few days after we left.
They always send us home with lots of plants and herbs dug up from their yard. I try to learn all that I can, but she is so knowledgeable and I just can't seem to absorb everything she tells me:) I take notes and pictures.

Above is watercress. I really wanted to become familiar with how it looks. I've often read how the early immigrants could be seen combing the hillsides for the first watercress to grace the banks in the springtime. I hear it's also high in vitamin C!

Straightening the woodpile.
Good bye and God bless!


  1. Hello Lees!

    What a wonderful weekend with the West Ladies!! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    On the TN trip last weekend, Laney and Nina had the opportunity to visit with the Wests', and they were so happy to get some visiting time with them! They are such an inspiration.~

    for the Whiddon family

  2. Oh what a blessing to spend time with the West Ladies. When Kelly first told us you were friends with them I must admit I felt a pang of jealousy. It was really neat to see more of their house and land. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Hi.. I am late at this posting but I just had to
    You look like you are all having a wonderful time ... I was wondering which one was you.. (if I may ask)
    We were at our farm today and I was out at the spring trying to find watercress... I don't know what it looks like either even though I have looked it up on the web...
    Does the wild look different than what we buy at the grocers, I wonder... And is Canadian watercress different than the South?
    Sorry... just wondering...

  4. Oh my goodness...what a wonderful post! I love the West ladies and have watched most of their videos! They are so inspiring:). You look like you all had so much fun:).


  5. Have you seen what is currently happening to them !? :(