Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Praying For The Tittle Family And Others

As my family and I remembered the anniversary of our Tom's home going and the storm of April 27, 2011 this past Sunday, we were also keeping up with weather reports of possibly severe weather for our area, getting cows and animals to higher ground because of possible flooding, and connecting with family members and friends back in Alabama who were also experiencing threatening weather.  And while we were praying for those in Arkansas and other states affected by tornadoes, we had no knowledge of the families actually involved - until today.  And while we still don't know about all who've lost loved ones or homes, we have been made aware of the Tittle family and our hearts ache for them and our prayers go out to them.  We learned that Rob, the father, along with daughters, Tori and Rebekah, went to be with the Lord, that the mom and six other children were taken to the hospital, that the father was on staff at Family Life Today, and that their church has set up a relief fund accepting donations, Walmart and Target cards.  The address is:  Bible Church of Little Rock, 19111 Cantrall Road, Little Rock, AR 72223, Attn:  Tittle Emergency Fund.                  We also heard that another family connected with Family Life Today was struck by the same tornado.  Has anyone else heard anything?  Thanks, and may God bless you all.  ~  Sherry  ~   P.S.  We also had a dear relative unexpectedly lose her husband a week ago and would appreciate your prayers for their family.  Jo, we love you.


  1. How terrible. I will most certainly be praying.


  2. Dear Lee Family,

    Your family has been on our hearts and minds the past several days. We will continue to pray for you. Our hearts break for the Tittle Family. We'll lift them in prayer as well. Shane reminded the children this morning during family devotions, of your family's faithfulness to the Lord, and of His mighty faithfulness to you, during your stormy trial. We pray that joy would come in the morning to the Tittle Family, and that their faith will shine in the night as yours has.

    If you know of particular needs that we can meet - for this family or others impacted by the storms- please let us know.

    Blessings from our family to yours today.
    Edee for the Moores

  3. Oh, that breaks my heart! My family will be praying for the Tittles and Ms. Jo. We love listening to the Family Life Today radio broadcast. So sad!