Tuesday, March 8, 2011



"The beauty of the house is order. The blessing of the house is contentment. The glory of the house is hospitality. The crown of the house is godliness." author unknown

I have the above quote written on a chalkboard and hanging in a prominent place in my kitchen. I need to be reminded that what we are building here in our home is of utmost importance.

I'm the happy wife to Tom, my wonderful husband of thirty years, mother to our thirteen wonderful children, also known as, A Baker's Dozen, and a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Our children are educated at home,life is never dull, I'm blessed, sometimes overwhelmed, and the laundry is never done. There's always the next meal to be prepared, food to be acquired or planted or harvested, a child to be read to, comforted, taught, or hugged, a cow to be milked and chickens to be fed. Did I already say that life is never dull?

I/we hope those (women) who visit here will be inspired to joyfully embrace faith, family, motherhood, all aspects of homemaking, and being a keeper of the home.



Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchmen waketh but in vain. Psalm 127:1


  1. I have spent my lunch hour...back tracking and reading out loud to my daughter and children...all about your family.Wow I am so impressed with all you get done.My daughter wants to know...do your children all get along?Do you have any children with type A personalitys?She has 4 with all high maintanance
    attitudes.I have been here 14 weeks now..and I need a mental break!! lolThey are good children...but oh my...there attitudes are horrible. I raised and homeschooled 5 children..and none were like this.She is so frustrated.I think some of it has to do with her husband who is gone 6 months out of the yr..with the Air Force.(He is gone now..reason I am here)She loves watching the Duggers and loves the children are so obedient.
    Another topic...the sorgumn..did ya'll plant it also?How much to an acre?We raise hay for horses and cattle.Nobody here does what ya'll do. Love it..Wished I lived closer to help and learn.
    Okay..enough of my rattling..Thank you for chatting with me.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. First off, I wouldn't want to mislead you by having you think that I do all there is to be done around here by myself! Having thirteen children is sort of like having a small army to disperse...many hands make light work. They are very hard workers, like their father, and we truly enjoy working together as a team and learning new skills together. I do remember back when I had my first four who were very young children and not yet trained to do the things I/we were doing. Then I mostly read, studied, and dreamed of doing some of the things we're getting to do now. The process of training my *replacements* was more difficult than doing the job myself, but the benefits to us all have been immense.

    We did plant the sorghum and this past fall was our first time to do so. It will be time to plant again in May. Our oldest son ordered five pounds of seed and we planted around two acres, I think. He really lead the sorghum project, and with the help, advice, and encouragement of family, friends, and neighbors, it turned out to be a successful endeavor:) We ended up with more than enough to supply our needs for the year. We are using it in many of our baked goods and especially in our homemade bread in place of the honey our recipe calls for.

    Oh, I really do sympathize with your daughter and her family. It must be very difficult for them to be apart for such long stretches of time. Our military families certainly do make great sacrifices...so glad you can be there to help them get settled in at their new place.

    Our children truly are best friends to one another and get along beautifully, but they, like their parents, aren't perfect:) We believe that even the best of friends, adults and children alike, sometimes disagree. We're most concerned with HOW they resolve conflict. Are they respectful of and to the other person, are they sticking to the subject and not bringing up past disagreements, are they practicing the Golden Rule? Are they respectful of/to their elders, parents, those in authority?

    Thank you so much for visiting again and for your sweet comments. Blessings to you and yours!


  3. Cindy,
    "We did plant the sorghum, and this past fall was our first time to do so"...should have read...We did plant the sorghum and this past MAY was our first time to do so. We planted in May and harvested in October. Sorry!