Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's just about that time of year again, and this years' nearly one hundred tomato seedlings are growing nicely.

We have several cases of tomato products left from last years' harvest to
finish before
this years'
harvest begins.

Did you know that in America varieties were initially red, yellow and whitish in color, and some thought tomatoes to be

Why can tomatoes?

Many believe that the loss of vitamins when food is
canned makes it not worth our while, but according to an article I read on Fox News today, 9 Best Canned Foods, "canned foods ain't all that bad".

"The general
argument is that vitamins diminish over time when produce is tinned, but this is actually just as (if not more) likely to occur with fresh produce, which often sits around in packing plants for lengthy periods before hitting the shelves at your local grocery store."

"Fruits and vegetables picked for canning are usually processed quickly. A study at the University of Illinois found that a great deal of canned fruit and vegetables contains the same amount of dietary fiber and vitamins as their fresh equivalents."

"Scientists have been talking about ketchup being a healthy part of your diet for a while now, and this is mainly because lycopene, the antioxidant component of the tomato, becomes more potent when heated. Thus, canned tomatoes are a high source of lycopene and are also rich in vitamins A and C while containing no fat or salt."

So, while I prefer the healthier aspects of eating them fresh and straight from the garden, I also enjoy the convenience of having them lined up on the pantry shelves for hearty winter fare.

If I didn't can tomatoes, I'd most certainly have to purchase cans from the grocer for things like chili, various soups, and sauces used throughout the year.

Tomorrows post will include a special tomato recipe made for me by one of my daughters. It's a favorite of mine and can be made using fresh or home canned tomatoes. A taste of summer *can*
be experienced all year long!



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  1. I'm so impressed with y'all doing all that tomatoe canning. We need to learn from y'all how to really can. :-D That's wonderful that y'all are figuring out all that~ you're so much farther ahead of us, my word!

    God bless,