Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home Dairy!

Give Away: Home Dairy!

I very recently discovered a LOVELY blog called Homestead Revival, and I noticed this morning that Amy currently has a great give-away...another Ashley English book...Home Dairy!

I entered our family this morning. What, with a fresh cow and another to give birth very soon, we hope to be *swimming* in milk!

Ashley's book, judging by the table of contents, looks to be a winner.

We're always looking for creative new means of using up our raw milk, and we love experimenting with new recipes and methods. We have much to learn, and I think Ashley has much to teach!

So, whether you have access to raw milk or hope to in the future, be sure to visit Amy at her blog, Homestead Revival, for a chance to enter and win Home Dairy!

You can visit Ashley at her blog, Small Measure!

Amy's give-away ends Friday, April 1, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. PST!


  1. Sherry, Thank you so much for linking up - and now you learned a new computer skill! Same way I learned - just be figuring it out as I went along.:-)
    I enjoyed the pictures of the sorghum harvest! Must have been a long hard day, but how wonderful to work together and know you did it!

  2. Amy,

    Thank you so much for commenting!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures of the sorghum harvest. That's probably the largest farm project we've ever attempted as a family. The idea came to our children, and friends who live off-grid in an Amish community very graciously gave us advice and answered our questions.

    What began in May, with planting the seeds, ended in the fall of the year and involved a week of pressing and cooking the sorghum, fellowship and working with dear friends and neighbors, and bottling more sorghum than we imagined possible!

    Our pantry shelves are lined with a years worth of sweetening, and we are grateful!



  3. Sherry, I just found your blog from your comment at homestead revival and I love it!! I haven't started a blog yet either, but I enjoy any and all homesteading blogs as I am in the process of starting my family and going back to the old ways of being self sufficient.

    I can't wait to follow along with your posts.

    LaRee from Nebraska.

  4. LaRee,

    Thank you SO much for commenting and for being patient with us as we learn to blog:)

    We also enjoy going back to learn the old ways of being more self sufficient and learning old/new skills. We hope to learn something new every year, and we're so very happy to have our children who are so eager to learn along with us.